Accommodation in Reina del Mar

The accommodation in Reina del Mar complex is a project in which every detail has been thoroughly considered, even when designing the architecture.

Conceptual design for a room in Hotel Laguna Beach

The assignment to us was for a minimalist and budget design suitable for different types of rooms. Highlights include mirrors in a specific shape and lighting fixtures.

Ap04 in Old town Varna

Ap04 in Old Varna is a project with a combination of coziness, modernism and incorporation of golden detailed elements.

Snack time

Reconstruction and modernization of the snack bar near the pool of the hotel complex. Fresh decision with many modern details, colors and final coatings. 

Let`s EAT

The restaurant is a few meters from the sand and the task was to be with the same accent sea blue. Decorations patterned type "Moroccan" and rattan items already amended so far planted view of restaurant "all inclusive". 

Let`s go green

The desire was to color solution space, which correspond to recognizable colors of the company logo.